We deliver cargo to most of Europe

At Cargostream we deliver goods by lorry to most of Europe. We have regular daily deliveries to Germany, Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg – so if you have cargo for any of these destinations we can always provide you with a solution. Every Tuesday and Friday we transport groupage from Germany to Denmark. For deliveries to the rest of Europe it might require a little preparation, so make sure to call a few weeks in advance, this way we will always be able to make you a suitable solution.

Cargo Stream is your flexible partner

At Cargostream you talk to people who are down to earth and above all able to offer you a solution that suits your needs. We have 15 trucks in our operation of many different kinds – this way we can always meet your transportation needs.


Cargostream is known for keeping our appointments and being punctual. For us it is of utmost importance that your goods arrive on time. This way you can promise your costumers punctuality when you make an arrangement with us. All of our trucks are furthermore equipped with a GPS, so that we can specify delivery time. It’s always going to be difficult to avoid ques on the German highways, however our drivers have lost of experience and have the expertise to locate roads parallel to highways, if necessary.

A smaller company 

Cargostream is a relatively small distribution company, however we have built a system that enables us to handle any of your transportation needs, while you can still enjoy the benefits of dealing with a smaller partner. In a small company like ours, it is the decision makers who answers the phone when you call. This way you avoid going through several people before you have your tailor-made transportation solution. Get our contact info here.

Express transportation

Do you need express transportation? We can do the job. Read more about express transportation here.