Quick and easy transportation to suit your needs

At Cargostream we offer good deals on express transportation. We have a fleet of a size that ensures that we can provide our customers with express transportation solutions all over Denmark. We are aware that urgent needs of transportation can arise suddenly – to meet this demand we have trucks devoted solely to meet your transportation needs in case of urgent matters.

Personal service

At Cargostream you get personal service. Due to our size, we can quickly determine whether we can do your job and when we can get it done. When you call us, you will get to speak with the decision maker directly, making the process as smooth and easy as possible.

Good prices

Do you have a costumer that needs a sudden delivery, then call us and let’s see if we can get the job done! Maybe we already have a similar transport – in that case we can ensure you a very good price on your job. We always have lorries on the road, try to give us a call and let’s find a solution! Due to our flexibility we don’t have fixed prices, but this is only to your advantage.

Small and flexible 

We are a small transportation company. However, we have built a system that enable us to handle the same transport solutions as the major distribution companies. Read more about Cargostream and our lorry transports here.

High quality

We take great pride in delivering your cargo on your exact deadline. Therefor we don’t take any jobs that makes us run the risk of compromising the punctuality of our existing assignments. In our line of work, it is the most important quality parameter that all cargo is delivered on time. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are in need of lorry transportation.