Transportation in Denmark

CargoStream is your flexible transport partner in Denmark

Transport to your advantage

At Cargo Stream we want to distinguish ourselves from other transportation companies. We are a small company and we believe that this makes for a clear advantage for you when you need someone to handle your transportation needs. Amongst the benefits is our ability to tailor-make solutions for your needs. We are very flexible due to our size. With bigger company you will often find that it is harder to get costume made solutions since the decision makers of the company rarely takes the order.

We can handle any type of task

Although we are a small company, we can solve the same transportation tasks as our larger competitors. Whether you need to transport groupage, palletized cargo, small quantities or large quantities, we have the ability to get the job done to your satisfaction. We have the opportunity to pick up your cargo at a time of your choosing and deliver your cargo at its final destination at exactly the time that you have asked for. Contact us to get a good price on transportation in Denmark!

The right solution

At Cargo Stream, you talk to people who are down to earth. You exclusively talk to people who are competent and able to make a decision. We always find a solution that is satisfactory for both your needs and ours.

Flexibility and cost

When you work with Cargostream you will enjoy a great flexibility regarding our solutions. We operate within a broad framework and make sure that our solutions match your needs. You can expect that the more flexible you can be in terms of pick-up and delivery times; the cheaper solution we can provide you. A regular weekly transport is also cheaper than an occasional solution. We operate under fixed conditions and are on top of all permits and approvals.

We can also take on tasks within international transport and express transport.

Jesper Flemming Kryger
Tel: +45 70 70 77 74
Mobil: +45 60 16 40 54